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Bandidos 2020 Projections

Alright, my dudes. Since we've yet to begin the regular season due to the pandemic and since my school year is finally over, I thought it would be fun to hype us up and feed the smack talk flames by projecting all of our stats for the 2020 season! I used all performance data from 2014-2019 and projected to an 18 game season.

Some of the guys who don't have a large sample size (looking at you Tony and Pancho) have some interesting results! Note that this is a reflection of all stats during this time period and no weight is added to most recent take this with a grain of salt (sorry Mario, I thought you'd have some higher stats, but maybe after another monster year).

Here's a link to the full results on Google Sheets and below are some quick graphics to show comparison for key stats.

Kevin came up with the great idea of the Bandido Batting Average. Since this is men's league and everyone (besides Brian) sucks, it makes sense to award Reaching On an Error, right? Here's how every stacked up:

Enough with make believe stats, here's Batting Average:

And here is the 2020 RBI projections:

As you can clearly put together, I primarily reach base because I hit it right at a fielder, yet they manage to boot it and I reach base...legs of a 9 hitter, wooh!

Alright, now for the pitching. If you're one of Kevin's family members (our fan club), you know this is primarily Adrian's World, but others are allowed to visit from time to time.

Ouch...sorry Goose. How about WHIP!?

Alright, for the last exercise, I asked for the guys to submit their ideal lineups. Of course only 4 responded and unsurprisingly, they all performed virtually the same. I used my Runs Simulator and edited it to run 10 times, over an 18 game season. Results are below:

The winning lineup was:

  1. Brian

  2. Joey

  3. Mario

  4. Kevin

  5. Nick

  6. Ray

  7. Ozzie

  8. Danny

  9. Martin

Ozzie, you're lucky I shared this considering I wasn't in your lineup...thanks a lot.

Hope you guys got a kick out of was fun for me to do!

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